The Shark ION F80 is a cordless vacuum from Shark. This means that you do not have to worry about outlets, just charge your batteries on the charging dock and take your vacuum anywhere.

The Shark ION F80 is built with Duoclean technology. This technology enables the vacuum to clean almost anything from fine dust to larger debris on hard floors and carpets with the vacuum’s single powerhead and two brushrolls. The device uses a washable foam filter.

It has one of the longest run times of cordless vacuums as it can run up to a total of 80minutes non-stop (The vacuum is sold with two separate batteries that each run up to 40 minutes on a single charge).

Some vacuums are not too easy to use when cleaning under furniture and hard to reach areas, but not the Shark ION F80. Multiflex technology on the ION F80 allows you to clean under furniture while standing, easing the strain on your back and body in general.

This Multiflex technology also makes it easier to store the machine. You will be able to see all you need to clean as the floor nozzle has bright LED lights built-in.

The 8.7lbs fairly lightweight, cordless vacuum is capable of reaching areas above the floor with relative ease and remarkable power. The vacuum’s lightweight nature will not tire you out as quickly, and it won’t be difficult for you to maneuver it in high places.

      • Good for light pet hair
      • Good for hardwood floors
      • Good for carpets
      • Has a detachable pod with a hose with provides more vacuuming reach
      • Has a self-standing feature to prevent it from toppling over
      • Powerful suction
      • It is top heavy.
      • Since it’s a new model it tends to be expensive.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

We know you have spent a lot of money on hardwood floors, so picking the correct vacuum is important. All of the Shark Vacuums on our list are well suited for Hardwood floors.

We have also written a mini-guide below that should help you to select the best shark vacuum for your hardwood floors.

Have a Look at the Wheels

The type of wheels on your vacuum is extremely important. You want wheels that will not scratch or damage your hardwood floors.

You should make sure your vacuum has some type of rubber or felt padding so the bottom of the vacuum doesn’t damage your wood floors.

Have a look at the Brushroll

Most vacuums that you can use on carpets have a brush that is used to effectively clean the carpets. You will want to make sure you can turn off this brush or make sure the brush has soft bristles that won’t damage your hardwood floors.

Most vacuums allow you to turn off this brush if you plan to use it on hardwood floors. Sharks addition of the DuoClean and the DuoClean Powerfins brushrolls make these vacuums ideal for hardwood floors.

Stick, Cordless or Upright

When selecting a vacuum the vacuum type is important. If you have to clean a lot and you are cleaning large spaces an upright vacuum would be ideal. If you want a lightweight vacuum for light cleaning a stick vacuum would be ideal.

If you are cleaning small spaces or if you are in a space that doesn’t have a lot of plugs have a look at a cordless vacuum.

Do you have mixed flooring?

If you have both carpets and hardwood floors you want a vacuum that can easily clean both. You should look for a vacuum that allows you to adjust the settings depending on whether you are vacuuming carpets or hardwood floors.

An added plus is you should have an option to adjust the suction power depending on what type of carpet you have.

Do you Have Pets?

If you have pets and hardwood floors you want a shark vacuum that has the DuoClean / DuoClean Powerfin feature and the self-cleaning brush roll.

More than likely you will be faced with a situation where you find pets hair on upholstery and various hard-to-reach areas.

One of the beauties of shark vacuums is the myriad of attachments that come with them. You should therefore have a look at the accessories that come with the vacuum. A few accessories that are ideal for cleaning pet hair are listed below:


Our favorite things about Shark vacuums is the variety of attachments available. When purchasing a Shark vacuum have a look at the accessories available to make sure they suit your particular circumstance.

We have already covered the accessories that are useful if you have pets but shark has a large variety of other accessories. A few common ones are listed below:

Suction Power

If suction power is important have a look at the upright vacuums. They have more suction power than the cordless and corded stick vacuum. In the shark collection some of the most powerful vacuums are the az1002 and az2002 models.


If price is a factor when purchasing a Shark vacuum keep in mind that the newer models tend to cost more. If you are on a budget consider looking at some of the older shark vacuums. They are usually cheaper.

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